SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER once again receives two new awards in 2015 and entered the “Hall of Fame” of design!

The German Design Council awards the German Design Award 2015 “SPECIAL MENTION” to SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER for the window blind cassette Luxaflex model L3 and the iF INTERNATIONAL FORUM DESIGN honors SYNTHESIS with the
iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 for the design work on the small electrical distributor AK III from Spelsberg. With this new iF DESIGN AWARD, SYNTHESIS has now entered the „Hall of Fame“ of design as it is mentioned with a special “Success-Story”.

1) The design for the innovative window blind cassette, which was created by SYNTHESIS, was honoured by the German Design Council with the popular German Design Award 2015 “SPECIAL MENTION” in the category Excellent Product Design / Home and Decoration.


Together with the client and manufacturer Hunter Douglas and the German distributor TEBA GmbH, SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER is delighted to receive this outstanding award for the inconspicuous but very well rounded Luxaflex model L3.

This award verifies that the international jury was convinced the product successfully fulfils the following evaluation criteria:

functionality and operability
practical value
– overall concept
design quality
degree of innovation
– durability
brand value and branding
market maturity
– ecological compatibility
ecological quality
product aesthetics
product graphics and semantics
safety and accessibility
symbolic and emotional content
technical function
 technical quality, manufacturing techniques and quality


2) Installation products, such as the small-scale electrical distributor AK III from Spelsberg are a completely different métier. Such items are investment goods that are designed for a very specific purpose. They are of a practical nature and the design is less subject to fashionable criteria but rather to the evolutionary development of technical standards.

Nevertheless, the users of such products require a good design. Firstly, because any involvement with the respective product is much more pleasant if the object looks good and is practical to use and secondly, the product should symbolize the quality of the installed equipment for many years to come.

The jury of the iF INTERNATIONAL FORUM DESIGN bases their examination of products submitted in the category “Building Technology” on the following criteria:

design quality
materials selection
degree of innovation
environmental compatibility
visualisation of intended use
brand value and branding
universal design

The AK III successfully fulfilled all of these criteria. Consequently, Spelsberg and SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER were the proud recipients of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015!



3) With these two new awards in 2015 and the previously received iF product design awards in 2012 and 2013, SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER clearly confirms the continuity of its high quality design work and this is mentioned as a new “Success-Story” on the iF ONLINE EXHIBITION of the iF Industrie Forum Design e.V. This means SYNTHESIS has now entered the “Hall of Fame” of design. The  “Success-Story” is an own Chapter, which allows SYNTHESIS to feature the specialities of this design agency, to show the awards and to mention the involved companies.


The new awards plus the “Success Story” are also a welcome acknowledgement of the fact that SYNTHESIS has not only adopted the right design philosophy but also takes an extremely flexible approach in a wide variety of task areas.