SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER designs products for human beings with the amazing variety of needs and requirements of our contemporary society.

SYNTHESIS is well aware of its responsibility to the consumer and the producing company and therefore strives to make meaningful products.

SYNTHESIS believes that products are only useful if they embody a convincing synthesis of all contemporary disciplines. In a first step, a product must impress by its elegant form, its practical use, a moderate price and the values of the manufacturer’s brand. The second step is of no lesser importance:  the customer must be satisfied with the daily use of the product. If this is the case, the manufacturer will have strengthened his brand and his company. The production of such a strong product is well worthwhile because the resources used were put to good use. In the current competitive environment, only powerful products can exist in the long term.

Useful products can only be created with a combination of long-life technology and durable design. That is why SYNTHESIS orientates on the “modern classic” that is typical of German design. This design-language meets our needs for clarity and rationality, as well as the desire for the beauty of the meaningful form. Thus, the contemporary designs of SYNTHESIS show internal durability, which combines new and older products in common harmony.

With this continuity, SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER protects against optical clutter and gives the producer’s brand the required uniform appearance in line with the Corporate Design.