Innovation results from problems, because the solutions lead to progress. For this procedure an innovative and ambitious atmosphere is of great importance as it helps to promote the creative potential of your employees, opens the team to suggestions and allows staff to work together successfully. Often the basis of development is formed in the company and then SYNTHESIS helps to validate the approach, capture it in shapes and colours and implement it as a real product.

SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER operates in a structured manner. First, the overall goal and the initial situation are analysed. Based on this, SYNTHESIS develops different product concepts, followed by first designs for the product and then possibly for the environment. In close cooperation with your development team, SYNTHESIS will realize the selected designs. If required, specialists may support the entire process.

The steps:

1. Analysis of market situation and your resources

Target group analysis on the lifeworlds of consumers with your marketing team. The worlds show the context in which the new product will be used. Clarification of the resources available to you with your development team.

2. First product design

Together with the results of the lifeworld analysis of the product, the concept of the product will presented using sketches. This provides an idea as to the desired direction of development.

3. First drafts

Variants are presented as graphs or a simple current model. The presentation shows some initial foundations of the possible communication concept.

4. Detailed design

Development of a design in conjunction with your engineering department or appropriate engineering agencies. Design of the product environment and communication concept in line with the emerging product personality. Presentation of product and environment.

5. Detailed technical design and definition

Detailed technical design and precise definition of the product and its environment in cooperation with your specialists. All elements of the development will be presented as prototypes in the final presentation.

6. Quality Check

Analysis of acceptance for product, communication within the target group and technical analysis in independent testing laboratories at your request. Small details that can be improved with minor adjustments should now be altered prior to the implementation phase!

7. Sourcing

SYNTHESIS will be pleased to offer a choice of suitable partners for the realization of the product and will also offer support in contracting the various specialist companies.

8. Project Management

Coordination of the activities of all staff involved plus the specialized companies. Monitoring and regular reporting on result.

And: SYNTHESIS DESIGNPARTNER motivates the team!