SYNTHESIS offers a good full service based on core competencies in the area of conceptual design, product design, graphic design and project management. (A to F)

Specialists are recruited in line with the task and the project. A well trained team of specialized companies is ready to handle (almost) every possible task.


A Market Research
Qualitative research, based on the lifeworld concept. Product acceptance tested in the target group. Product workshops.

B Project Management
Project design, resource management, project timing, project costing, project management and motivation.

C Product Design
Design of clear “symbolic” forms that fit the theme, symbolize the benefits, are easy to grasp and nice to handle. And “besides” this: they are always technically feasible and often offer considerable savings in production costs.

D Grafic Design
Clear graphics for “symbolic” word marks and logos. Clear packaging with strong charismatic appearance.

E Communication Design
Conception of congruent appearances that are reflected in the product, the environment and in all communication.

F Engineering
Construction layout and construction design, e.g.  housing parts made of metal, plastic and wood by CAD. Binding engineering for components and electronics with partners.

G Prototyping
Involvement of appropriate specialists for proportion samples, functional prototypes or photo samples. Single pieces or small series.

H Quality Management
Evaluation of the results of the project stages in team with your own specialists or together with external service providers or external supervisors.